• Early Days

    Extremely Early Works

    Recorded 1976-1991. Primarily silly noises.

    Robots Have Feelings, Too

    Songs about robots. Released 2000.

    The Space Kat EP

    Intergalactic traveler Ox Namoon, with trusty companion Space Kat, battles the notorious Dr. Onebeat. Released 2001.

    The Play

    Join Mom, Dad, Billy, Susie, Grasshopper, the Baby, and Rochetti the Rocket Scientist for a quick jaunt through the lives of a typical American family. Released 2005 by Acidsoxx Musicks.


    “Jumbo! is super lucky samples and collage of sound old and new, tapes of young child self, media attack will shining brightenly out from television and pup culture!" - released 2008 on Grand Deceiver Records