• I made my first tape recording at the age of 5.

    "Norman's Jokes"; runtime 60 minutes, 1978

  • Later, I learned how to build machines.

    Wacky contraptions, harebrained devices, functional and imaginary.

    James Madison University, B.S. in Art/Sculpture, 1999

    The Story Machine

    The De-Anxietizing Machine

    Food Replacement Artificial Heart (detail)

    WRD-103 Device

  • Meanwhile...


    Vacuum cleaner salesman.

    McDonald's cashier.

    Gladiola harvester.

    Hardback specialist.

    Pie Baker.


    Thrift Store Sales Associate.

    Bagel maker.

    Shoe stockperson.

    Blacksmith's apprentice.

    Plastic bottle inspector.


    This might seem totally irrelevant, but it isn't.

  • I began composing/recording music for robots.

    Fringe electronica, experimental lazerstyle, and even a musical puppet show.

  • And then:

    Tempe, AZ 

    After many years of pushing buttons and twisting knobs in my own way, I finally learned how to "do it right".  

    New York, NY

    Studio Manager and Recording Engineer at a cozy, well seasoned post-production studio in Tribeca. Worked with Noemie LaFrance, Gerard Malanga, Lee Ranaldo, Martha Williams, Karen Bernard.

    Watkins Glen, NY

    Served as Photo/Video Coordinator, working amongst rescued farm animals, and saw pigs, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits as learned colleagues and friends.

  • Other things I am:


    Member of Ithaca Generator.

    Collaborator at Arhanta Studio.


    Up With People alumnus.


    Avid audio diarist/field recordist.

    Obsessed with ice.


  • Favorite Projects from the Archives

    A Song a Week

    A cover song every week for one year, with my wife Kristin.

    Grand Deceiver Records

    A home-baked record label; home to creations by Norm Scott & Sherwin V. Jones, and experimental audiozine Lo-Fi Confessional.