• DON LIMPIO might have been an Eagle Scout, but his music is everything but brave, clean and reverant. A photographer, visual artist, and collector of multicultural kitsch, he began his forays into the nether regions of music over a decade ago when he began recording the sounds of cutlery tumbling in the clothes dryer. It all went downhill from there..

    NORM SCOTT combines the forces of the Robot! Project with legions of loyal noise-making machines. Specializing in a blend of high-tech beats and lo-fi imagery known as “lazerstyle”, the NYC-based tinkerer views the world of audio thru tinted lenses, where miles of jumbled wires, slightly bitter satire, and childhood innocence are key variables.

    TERMINAL SONIC RESOURCES, the celebrated noise collective, started in the metaphorical basement of Everyman’s house, where sonic sludge was frothily churned during sporadic “holistic jam sessions”. Among the dilapidated structures of the Shendandoah Valley, those boys’ll never give up the attempt to subvert some of the new media’s frank answers.