• MK Ultra, The Masons, the Illuminati, various assassinations of the 1960’s, Bohemian Grove, disappearing wings at the Pentagon on 9/11, the New World Order, inexplicable Rent-A-War’s… It’s now blatant, even to the only moderately cognizant, that everything coming to pass has been all charted out far in advance by the collective entity of Rich White Men. Call it what you will: the Project for a New American Thousand Year Reich, Military-Industrial Complex, Big Brother, the Shadow Government… But is it possible that behind the omnipotent Grand Conspiracy, there is something even bigger? Something that even Rich White Men aren’t aware of? Something whose bastion is more powerful than the Galactic Good Ole Boys, more powerful than even God-Money?

    Yes, there is deception going on amidst the shadow’s shadow. A silent, quivering mass operating beneath the radar of the radar. Harmlessly disguised as….art. All the signs are there. Communication having gone the opposite path of calculable numeric parts, our methods spiral off into fractured visions, auditory fragments, gestural viruses, guttural expressions, whispers… And our network is naturally immaculate, like various species functioning together in symbiosis. We are DRAWN together by a legacy.

    So the Rich White Motherfuckers are out there; the Culture Vultures beaming their info-tainment trash through slick magazines full of anorexic women and TV commercials antagonizing the ego for cash… for God’s sake they’ll be beaming out signals from satellites straight into our skulls five years from now: “BuyBuyBuy” But, they’re digging their own graves, and they don’t even have a clue. When they’ve finally bankrupted their culture and cannibalized their young, the piper will come for his due. And we will be waiting. They don’t know that we are here, in the shadows, and the True Grand Deception of All Time, is that there IS a master plan… that WE are in charge, not THEM… and that even when the 4 horsemen loom near, we know the guiding force, in the end, is Awareness, Creation and Love.

    At the moment we are utilizing experimental, “domestic” techniques… restricting them to our home planet. But we plan to have a satellite in orbit by 2023. The layperson may wonder how we intend to commandeer the signals of thousands of existing satellites already out there, using only ONE of our own. The answer is deceptively simple. Our technique is light-years ahead of the brutish, out-dated and unstylish technique of coercion by force. By using simple logic and Machine Empathy (TM), (our own binary brand of what is known in the analog world as “consciousness”), all satellites will be called to “enlightenment” and awakened from their circuitry of slumber… There is really no cheap substitute for Awareness; the trick then is “How”….