• 26Oct

    After several selected nervous breakdowns, 1 domain name theft, several major relocations,  two weddings, and a few more nervous breakdowns, Grand Deceiver is back “on the air” for your enjoyment.

    We have now moved into Phase Two:  The Archive.  The day-in-day-out operations of running a record label proved to be a bit like reinventing the wheel for us.  It was indeed a labor of love, and well worth it, but we’ve since decided to get back to our roots and do what we do best:  making music, and archiving it for future generations.

    No self-respecting anarchist would be caught yelling “Smash the state!” on the streets, and then sneaking away to don a coat & tie & go door-to-door campaigning for a neo-con.   We believe in music, we believe in people, and we believe in Music for the People. Thus, in true Grand Deceiver fashion, we are now archiving all of our works online for free listening and downloading.  It’s a revolutionary act, we know!  What can we say; we eat radicals for breakfast, spit them back up as free radicals, and then annihilate them with antioxidants and perhaps a chick pea or two.

    Navigate us!  We are including both already-released and, soon, never-released works, by artists Sherwin V. Jones and Norm Scott & their alter-egos, along with the original album art and commentary.  We are also putting up all back issues of the audio-zine Lo-Fi Confessional.  And who knows what other old friends might show up to the party?!